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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 13, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> breaking news is in oakland near like merit 2 bodies found tonight. >> oakland police say the bodies were discovered under a freeway overpass interstate 5 80 at 5:00 o'clock today. >> alameda county coroner deputy satisfies team has responded to the scene. we have more on the story on air and on line our coverage is on
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twitter and 7 news bay area. >> good evening. other top story tonight. san jose firefighters on city wide alert because of a new danger. booby trap. warning comes after firefighters stumbled on a spiked booby trap and respond to go call from former homeless encampment off capitol express wait a minute he wasn't injured. david louie has more now from san jose. >> booby trap was discovered on the site of anded homeless encampment. firefighters literally stumble upon it. fire department photo shows it to be about 2 feet deep. sharp stake. >> in the hotel wooden stake cut with a sharp edge commonly called punky stick. step on it you fall and severely injured. >> the stake were used trap used by communist troop during the vietnam war. nature of type of trap is clearly designed to hurt individuals.
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we don't know for certain if that was designed to hurt other people in the encampment. police department personnel. fire department personnel regardless they are endanger to everyone and don't discriminate to who they hurt. >> project manager has never seen a booby trap like this at any camp before. firefighters department has put out warnings so firefighters city wide to alert them to the potential danger. residents of communication hill say they are surprised to learn of the booby trap. >> my gosh. you are kidding. >> the that sounds right. i didn't think homeless people were violent like that. >> it's important to point out the trap has not been tied to homeless person. however one person speculated it might have been a trap for food. >> i would say maybe more for something food wise they are going to eat. could be anything really though. >> the trap has been filled in and covered over to prevent further injury. believed to be one of a kind. still the fire kept wants the employee
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to be vigilant in case there are more of them. the area on communication hill is fenced off awaiting plan for new housing but not inaccessible. this is abc 7 news. >> now to the alleged poisoning plot against house speaker boehner. fbi says this man bar tend theer at country club in ohio where speaker boehner often went hoyt served boehner there for more than 5 years and he told police he was fired from the job before he was able to put something in john boehner drink. hoyt had previously been treated for a psychotic episode and had stopped taking his medication. he describes boehner as the devil and himself as jesus. fbi doesn't believe he's a current or ongoing credible threat. >> if you visit chicago boat lee for the burrito bowl or salad listen to this popular restaurant chain says it no longer is serving these at one-third of its 1700 stores.
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they are stopping serving pork for the moment because the supplier violated company standards. chain demands suppliers raise pig in humane condition. no time line on when they will return to the menu about 6 to 7% of the customers actually order fairly popular but chicken the most popular thing ordered. >> san francisco man went on trial in new york today on charges of running underground web site for drug dealers. 30-year-old ross albright arrested more than a year ago at the glen park library. today the prosecutor accused him of running the web site as if he were a drug boss. site handled more than 1 million drug deal and 95 percent of them involved dealers. over allegedly made about 18 million dollars from that site. he's also charged with attempted murder for hire for trying to arrange the death of 6 people who threatened to expose the web site or the users. >> california attorney general former san francisco district attorney pamela harris
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announce the bid for the u.s. senate and hopes to win boxer seat after boxer retires in 2016. tonight tiffany wilson has a look at the key players who may also join that race. >> in 1997 pamela harris work as deputy district attorney in alameda n.2007 she was reelectricityed district attorney of san francisco. in 2017 she hopes to become the first african american senator from california. it's a rapid rise that doesn't surprise her friends. >> she tends to concentrate on the things that have real important and not get distracted. >> in facebook announcement she says i want to be a fighter for family feeling the pinch of stagnant wage and difficult mirrening opportunity for students burdenp by sky rocket burdenp by sky rocketing tuition and for our seniors former san francisco supervisor gonzalez considers harris the front runner. >> she campaigns hard. people who meet her like her and she
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has ideas. >> over the weekend former los angeles mayor antonio said he may run. today representative sanchez says she's seriously considering a senate bid and spokesperson for representative swallow says he will make a decision bit end of this month. notably absent from the list lieutenant governor newsom. >> i think it's newsom had wanted to run for this. it would have been very difficult to defeat him. >> another wild card this afternoon san francisco billionaire environmentalist tom posted an article on the post that reads in part washington needs to be shaken up. we need claim at champion who will fight for the next generation. i will decide soon. forbes estimate the net worth at 1.6 billion. >> the mix up considerably very well thought of. he can self financial. >>reporter: perhaps that's one reason harris is already fundraising. her campaign web site is down but the link to
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donate money works just fine n.san francisco tiffany wilson abc 7 news. >> california gasoline prices continue to fall and dropping rapidly. san jose tonight prices are down by an average of 36 cents from a month ago. we saw some drivers filling up today for 2.19 a gallon. bay area average is 2.61 down 38 cents. triple a says that while crude oil has lost more than half the value since the middle of last year it may cause oil company to stop drilling in places like the united states where production costs are so high. until then enjoy the cheap gas. find it for less than 2.60 a gallon right now in concord. santa cruz santa rosa oakland and tracey. >> while it last exploratorium giants are making news not for the pop fly but for a pop up planner at&t park. they plan to convert a section of the parking lot behind the stadium into a temporary dining and shopping destination. that's become ago trend in san
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francisco. carolyn tyler fight the giants estimate it will cost about 2 and half million dollars to turn a section of the parking lot across from at&t park into a pop up. they call it the yard. and 18,000 square foot temporary installation. with restaurants beer garden and retail shops. >> we are taking about shipping container that were formerly used for the port of oakland and deemed no longer sea worthy and rehabilitate sea worthy and rehabilitating. >> to get an idea of how it mate work look at san francisco haze valley. popular collection of shipping containers with everything from a coffee spot to a bicycle shop. barbecue restaurant 45 05 meet will be one of the vendors in the giants pop up. along with anchor. >> barbecue baseball and beer is yes warm day in san francisco i don't think it gets any better. >> the yard will be open all year long. even when it's not
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game day. the project is on port property in mission bay. booming neighborhood without many options for wining and dining. >> we have lots of residents more coming in all the time. i think we have 3 buildings opening this year. so bring it on. >> new ucsf medical center is also opening next month in the neighborhood. >> i work at ucsf so with the new hospital coming in there will be more of us around here. >> giants have ambitious plans for permanent project known as mission rock but that face a multi-year approval process. >> this is only a temporary space it will give a favor of what the larger project bring to the neighborhood. >> when the yard open ins march 73 parking spaces will be lost. in san francisco, be lost. in san francisco, carolyn tyler abc 7 news. >> l we have much more ahead here on the tuesday night. coming up. new facebook feature that could save a
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life. >> also we haven't had rain in awhile but pg&e gets ready just in case. when it comes. innovative tools they now use to deal with storms. >> sandhya is here with the weather. >> i'll let you know if unseasonably mild weather will give way to some stormy conditions. details are straight ahead. >> and contagiously cold. how just seeing someone in the cold can lower
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. >> oakland response occupied protest three years ago is going to cost the city more than 1 million dollars. today a federal judge approved a settlement of lawsuit filed by 8 occupy protestors who were corral and arrested by police outside the downtown ymca in 2012. hundreds of people were arrested including reporters and bistanders. some were held for more than three days in jail. the june granted the case class action status. that means about 400 people will split the 1.3 million dollars settlement. >> animal rights group has stepped in to help settle a legal dispute over the death
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of a trainer at private zoo in fresno county. might remember that 24-year-old diana hansen was killed by a lions at the zoo in 2013. she may have been talking on her cell phone when she entered the caten closure. today the animal legal defense fund announced settlement settlement the zoo to install physical barrier to protect people who interact with the large cats. the group is calling on cal/osha to require similar barrier at theme park like sea world. >> facebook launching new initiative tonight to help track down missing children as quickly as possible. menlo park base company is partnering with the national center for missing and exploited children as soon as an amber alert is issue. face back users in the area or nearby will now see a post on the news feed. it will include where the child was last spotted and what he or she was wearing. >> we want them to know that this is very rare and they are in a position to be able to
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help. >> government has successfully found more than 700 children since amber alert began in 1996. facebook hopes the urgent post will increase that number. >> when big storm hits you can be sure there will be power out annuals but pg&e work to make outage of the future smaller and shorter. and the work is already paying off. tonight abc 7 news reporter visits the pg&e technology center in san ramone. >> take a little rain and mix it with a lot of wind. and there's a good chance you need a fleet of these big blue truck. pg&e has army of lane workers but nowhere to send them. small army of meteorologist. >> we were able to develop a storm outage prediction model. >> that's right. don't just forecast the weather. they forecast the outages and build colorful map where to send the truck. >> we pre-position crew ahead of time so we are ready to go right after the storm goes through. >> here in the room pg&e runs simulation. >> different color which
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indicate different circuit. >> new sensing equipment can tell which homes have lost power bus of those new smart meet we are radio inside them. and then that forecast software goes twoshing again. >> based on where the circuit our customers being fed from what is the probable device that is causing the outage. >> pg&e does extensive testing in the real world. out door lab is a miniature model of entire power grid squeezed into a small yard where they can test equipment before sending it out into your neighbor. >> out door yard obviously so we test tonight all kinds of weather conditions as well. make sure everything works. >> of course the bay area does get every kind of weather. that's what this dome is for the. make their own precipitation in here and yes >> we replicate lightning at this lab and put equipment through the paces. we want to find out how hard we can use and abuse the piece of equipment before it brakes. >>reporter: new things to test every day. >> thermostat can provide information talking to the meter. >>reporter: smart amrins and solar power getting more common. so already poses new challenges after storm.
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>> if there's power outage there could be still feeding into the grid that could potentially pose a problem for our crew working on the line. >>reporter: with hardware that automatically routes power around the damage line. the crew could spend less time dangling in the air to make the lights come on n.san ramone, the lights come on n.san ramone, abc 7 news. >> all right. >> spring like out there i know we need rain buten i don't while it lasts. >> no storms on the way. sandhya is here with the latest. >> i know. just see frowning faces except for dan. dan is happy about this nice weather. >> we do want rain but we might as well enjoy it. absolutely right no. storm in sight. as a matter of fact we are lacking at a spring like forecast l as opposed to winter like one. temperature a good 5 to 10 degrees above average as you look at live doppler 7hd we are starting to see some fog developing fairfield visibility down to 7 miles. dense fog advisory just issued in effect until 11:00 a.m. tomorrow morning.
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that's part of the reason why your temperature not as warm as let's say santa rosa with 61 this afternoon. 70 degree ins santa rosa. oakland 69. mid 60's san francisco. half moon bay san jose moffitt field out towards livermore area 62 degrees. now you take a look at the temperatures. haven't fallen whole lot. in the 40's and the 50's. here's view from exploratorium camera looking towards san francisco. visibility is good. it is going to be cold inland overnight tonight. dray mild next few days and we expect weekend clouds but rain is unlikely. here's what you have to watch out for. fog from the central valley spilling over towards the bay area. that's why the dense fog advisory has been issued. it's likely going to be thick for the morning commute so keep that in mind. cold front craig to get here here's what is happening bumping into the ridge of high pressure and as that happens all we get out of it is a couple of clouds. storm door remains shut. high
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pressure diverting the stormtrack well to the north of sows as you look at the long range forecast really no signs of any moisture coming into the bay area. bay area will stay dry right on through martin luther king jr. day. tomorrow morning temperatures are going to fall. it is going to get cold. so you want to dress warmly. mid 30's for the coldest inland valley. napa santa rosa upper 30's fair field concord antioch this is where the fog concentrated unlike this morning whether it was pretty wide spread. 37 livermore. 41 san jose. 46 degree ins san francisco. tomorrow afternoon a nice day. temperatures above average in the south day. santa clara san jose mid 60's along with santa cruz on the peninsula. 64 redwood city half moon bay really doesn't feel like winter. count san francisco 62 degrees. north bay xhupts in the 60's here along the coast. 66 santa rosa. 65 in nap a.out towards the east bay. mid 60's hayward union city oakland. and sunshineing inland temperatures will be in the low 60's for most of you
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except 59 in brentwood. 7 day forecast a little more cloud cover as the system passes through here and there friday saturday sunday monday we see a little bit of cloud cover increasing but chances of any rain. completely gone. if anything we may see few sprinkle on sunday and that's even lacking like on shakey ground. it's looking more like january of last year. where we went natural dry temp setting rain records. fight february march still quite wet. >> could come in with wet weather. >> 7 news here at 9:00 o'clock >> 7 news here at 9:00 o'clock. fight kids at oakland school learn from the very best. lesson on traditional chinese music from nationally renowned musician. >> underground tragedy on one of the nation busiest subway systems
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. >> university of california is hitting the on switch this month on its own electric power supply. uc will use solar electricity generated in the central valley to power 5 campus and 3 medical centers including uc san francisco. university of california hopes the change will cut its power bills by 10% this year. let uc become carbon neutral over the next decade. they are installing solar panel at the campus in order to generate even more electricity. >> special effect today at oakland elementary school with music to the students ears. >> national endowment for the arts chairman visited the purple education program at lincoln elementary. this is oakland base non-profit that help children gain appreciate 80's of music from all culture through instruction in traditional chinese
9:25 pm
instruments. praised the program. >> children had the opportunity to participate in ways that give them an avenue of expression and of vitality that they create for their family and people would want to participate and help all the communities. >> they welcome all children would want to study chinese and world music. program offers classes every saturday at lane college. >> sweet about watching children play. >> sweet. >> 7 news at 9 moments away here up next. survivors of the attack in paris going public now. powerful image and message of resill yichbilitys alarming e-mail from in the irs. director is telling employees about the upcoming tax season. >> bay area school that screwed up brand new major. >> we sit
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jeans. >> good evening again. we begin this half hour with the latest on the terror attacks in paris. >> french police say the high powered weapon used by the gunmen came from outside the country. >> while police in france search for 6 wanted terrorists. officers arrested a french man in bulgaria at the border with turkey on terrorism charges. man allegedly had contact with one of the brothers at the center of the attack at charlie hebdo. >> cartoon of the professor pet mohammad. hit news stands today. staff members who survived the attack spoke publicly today about the new issue of the magazine. terri is in paris. >> charlie hebdo survivors going public today to talk about the new issue and about
9:30 pm
the message they want to send out to the whole world. if the cartoonist known as luis drew the cover image. raw emotion pouring out here. minutes late to work last wednesday. heard the shots. found his colleague and friends dead. executed. so he drew on to the familiar charlie hebdo banner the words all is forgiven underneath that an image of the professor pet mohammad tear on the cheek holding the sign you see everywhere here just sweet charlie. i am charlie. >> abc news is not showing the image of mohammad. >> i had the energy just the idea of drug mohammad i am charlie. i looked at him. he was crying. >> then i wrote above it all is for given. then i started crying. >> leaders in france urge calm among the maivtful who might be offended by the new cover
9:31 pm
and leading muslim cleric were already deannouncing it as blast themy. this is abc news paris. >> bart says tonight that what happened on the washington dc metro system last night should serve as safety reminder for bay area bart riders. federal investigators say an electrical problem inside the tunnel may have caused one of the nation busiest subway to fill with smoke. one woman died. more than 80 others were hospitalized. it took firefighters grave minutes to reach the stranded drivers. >> we will find out what happened. get to the bottom of what happened. and commit to fixing it. residents of the district of columbia in this region deserve safe and reliable public transit system. >> bart tells us operators are trained to never enter a smoke filled area and says it will adopt any recommendion that come from the ntsb investigation that apply to the bart system. >> san francisco chronicle has
9:32 pm
new editor-in-chief for the first time in the newspaper 150 year history it's a woman. 37-year-old cooper was promoted to the position from her job as managing editor cooper has been at the chronicle since 2006. now that she runs the newsroom the priority will be to invest more in investigative reporting. >> there's one thing that made us all in the newsroom become journalist it was speaking truth to power. i think we have a responsibility to our community to make sure that the tax dollars being spent wisely. people in power responsible. cooper also wants to prop up the web site newspaper subscriber supported web site. big jump from 15 years ago when cooper was trying to land internship at the chronicle rejected 3 years in a row. >> she runs the place. >> we learned that the irs is now warning that this tax season may not turn out the way any of would you say hope it would turn out. reif you said check could take longer
9:33 pm
than ever to arrive and you know what that's not all. jonathan karl explains what else we can expect. >> coming soon from the irs. delay tax refund. more risk of identity theft. worst customer service. that's the word from irs commissioner john in an e-mail to irs employee obtained by abc news commissioner says the irs budget has been cut so severely quote we have no choice but to do less with less. refund checks will be slowed by a week or more. that irs help line only about half the people who call will actually get through. about the only people to benefit tax chief. irs will conduct 46,000 fewer audit. >> spending less on the irs budget will actually cost the government money. that's because there will be fewer audit fewer officers going after tax chief and as a result about 2 billion dollars less in revenue coming in to
9:34 pm
the treasury. john thon karl abc news the white house. >> craft beer making continues to grow bringing new opportunity with it. in colleges are taking note. this month st. mary's college offering intensive class in the art and science of beer. abc 7 news education reporter join the class on the field trip today. >> known for our wine california now at the fore front of the craft beer revolution. >> love to know how things work and stuff. knowing why a port is so dark and why lagger is so light. and how sugar and stuff plays into it. i think it's fascinating and i love it. >> according to the brewer association in 2013 there were 3 81 craft pwrur ri in california. the state rank first in the number of barrel of craft beer produced every year in the united states. those who make craft beer are small and independent. like lynden street in oakland. >> for us it's about the small
9:35 pm
quantity. really having a handle on what we are producing. >> all begins with barley. >> we have hot water coming over the top. >> grain is slowly converted into sugar. >> we are kind of pushing that water out over in here. collecting here. >> eventually add hops to make it bitter. end result is a delightful imperial stout. warm mocha. molasses. certainly craft beer changed america perception of beer. it's no longer just the working man bench. it's getting a lot more sophisticated. the it's so tasty, sophisticated. the it's so tasty, too. >> this month 20 students from st. mary's college are learning about the science behind beer making. all of them are science major. >> we get to go into the biology so how yeast ferry mentation and have flavors and
9:36 pm
chemical compound in the beer and how to look for them. >> sale of craft beer has also increased. in 2013 it went up by more than 17 percent while over all beer and the imported kind have gone down. >> i learned through the class there's a lot of opportunity for demonstrationist in the brewing process. >> students got to taste some of the beer recently made here. >> best field trip ever. that's for sure. >> in oakland, lee ann, abc 7 news. >> who thought they had to teach college kids about beer. that's true. >> up next. they are nearing the top. >> just make sure heart nuter and at times brings tears to my eyes. >> the father of a local climber inching up el capitan an
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>> 2 men making historic climb up the side of yosemite el capitan are expected to reach the top as soon as tomorrow. >> let's hope so. they have been there for a long time more than 2 weeks. >> kevin and tommy will have just 4 sections left to climb after today's asent. >> most people who climb the steep sharp dawn wall use special equipment. these 2 are free climbing meaning they use only hand and feet. >> never done before. family members follow the pair thanks to social media. and very exited to greet them. >> make sure heart nuter an at times brings tears to my eyes. watching yesterday do the pitch i have watched him climb a million times and watch him do the pitches yesterday
9:41 pm
because before i got here i was upset that i wasn't hear when he was doing that pitch 15 and falling and struggling i should be there for that but after watching yesterday i went man i'm glad i wasn't here. >> hard for dad to watch. on the ground there is a growing expectation that the 2 climbers will make it to the top. >> today tom wife rebecca talked about her husband's quest. >> it's really exciting and it has been a little bit emotional seeing tommy and kevin so close to the top and getting almost there it has been a long long time and long journey and working on this and to see them getting close it's it kind of hits me on a deeper level. >> can you imagine watching the loved ones do it. here are the 2 climbers when they met up today. shaking hand. job well done. >> tonight they sleep in a small tent suspended couple thousand feet over yosemite valley and if everything goes as planned they should be on top by tomorrow night. >> that will be great. >> we'll cover it of course.
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stay with us more to come on 7 news at 9:00. >> the black lab that is like a lot of dog
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>> we do love our dog taking them out for a walk when cold or raping. how about a pup that doesn't mind going it alone. even if it means taking the bus. abc news reporter went along for the ride. >>reporter: you get all kinds of characters on the d line in downtown seattle. but only one can get away with licking the seat in front of her and still being most popular passenger. >> yes. she makes everybody happy. how can you not love this thing. >>reporter: eclipse is 2-year-old lab mix who sometimes rides the bus all by herself. she is hardly shy introducing herself to fellow
9:46 pm
passengers when of course she's not too busy lacking out the window. getting on the bus near her home she sits apparently through 5 downtown seattle stops. and then trots to the door all by herself and just the right one. where else would a self sufficient bus riding dog going. the dog park. >> i look out the window i'm like did that just happen. >> jeff young is eclipse human and usually rides the bus her except when she takes off and does it by herself. >> just the bus to the dog park and back. keep it simple. >>reporter: of course after full day of commuting even a traveler like eclipse needs a little rest. this is abc news on the d line bus in seattle. >> is that cute. >> looking at someone freezing is enough to make us feel cold. that's what researchers at the university of sussex say. video put the hands in
9:47 pm
cold world trade center and found their own body temperature dropped significantly. scientist call it cold contagious watching warm video had no effect on the volunteer. just a visceral reaction. >> we see the video from all over the country. people feeling cold weather and looks awful. >> they see our picture nice and warm. >> don't feel warm apparently. >> sandhya is back with the forecast. >> here we are enjoying the unseasonably mild weather in the bay area. make you feel a little bad when you see the people freezing. live doppler 7hd showing you some fog beginning to develop out towards the straits and delta. today a beautiful day here's a sunset time lapse in the background and air quality definitely improved today. it was moderate across the entire bay area tomorrow we start to see some did air quality showing up. south central bay saint clare valley moderate on thursday. most 80's start to see some improvement again friday and saturday. state wide it's a dry forecast 50 in
9:48 pm
tahoe. 58 yosemite. sunshineing san diego low 70's 60 in user rica. bay area hang on to hazy conditions out where the fog is near straits and delta. sunshine for everyone. temperatures in the 60's for the entire bay area. accu-weather 7 day forecast we keep the 60's going for the entire 7 day period. a little more cloud cover maybe track ago few sprinkle friday sunday but nothing major. >> that's too bad. >> time to check on sports and what is happening with the warriors. >> larry has round ball. >> when they chanting mvp mvp for curry on the road you know something is happening special. this close game turned in a clinic for the warriors. curry put on a my whole life, i didn't have health insurance because i couldn't afford it.
9:49 pm
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i miss my old school. i miss my room. i don't want special treatment. i just wanna feel normal. to help, sleep train is collecting pajamas for foster children, big and small. bring your gift to any sleep train and help make a foster child's night a little cozier. not everyone can be a foster parent but anyone can help a foster child. is. >> this is really unbelievable. coming. imagine being hit by a truck and instead of helping, and instead of helping, witnesses rob you. it gets worse from there believe it or not. shocking crime in local city. >> plus why are bonnie cats turning up dead near the uc santa cawz campus?
9:52 pm
>> those stories and more coming up at 11:00 >> apparently larry has excitement to show us. >> it's the new shoe for curry. >> he was pretty good before. warriors are 30 and 5. >> wow! >> 30 and 5. >> best record in basketball. >> oh, yes. hard to believe. it's fantastic. warriors open a tough stretch of game. in utah. close for awhile then warriors just left the jazz in the dust and seth was ridiculous. trying to become the first rookie head coach in the nba. utah big factor early. dunk with 22. look at hardly 90 minutes lately. but in transition runs it did you know. if hotel difficult. grit body control by both guys there. tied at half time then andrew body guard hits a 3.
9:53 pm
again. and he's fouled by joe 15 points in the quarter for seth look at the moves. show and go. oh, just toy with the warriors score season high 44 points in the third. that is the best good. it should be illegal. with a authority. andre down the middle off the cross-over. warriors at 13. seth loving it. roll 116-105 7 straight wins. steve thinking really happy i didn't take the knicks job. 30 and 5. minnesota lost 15 straight games. remedy for that give me some more. williams that years old. if on fire. 19 of 33 shooting hitting from everywhere. i do fall set 0i can. people think i'm in the capable of it but i am. he scored 52. as the wolves beat the pacers 110-101. don't doubt me y.doubt me. work
9:54 pm
together for 100 years. annual shark strip chose arizona not edmonton and joe with the 22 of the year. and it's a 1-1 gym. burns in the blue line. if the redirect. right place right time shark ins front 2-1 but arizona would answer the puck rattles around in front. shane look what i found on the door step. here comes the game winner. dillon with a wrist and deflects off the skate of coyote defender. wasn't a beauty still first goal of the year shark 3 and yost of-two raiders met with del rio today as they continue the process and try to find a new head coach. this was the second time the raiders have met with del rio. local guy grew newspaper hayward. previous head coaching experience with jacksonville license backer played 11 years in the nfl known for his grit and toughness. spent the past 3 seasons with the broncos defensive coordinator and also
9:55 pm
with the interim coach for a little while while john fox was sick. frainers they met with broncos offensive coordinator today. meeting tack place in denver. also second meeting for those 2 parties. gates only 36 years old. no head coaching experience. but regarded as bright up and coming young offensive coach. actually worked one season with the 49ers. back in 2008 alongside mike about mars who loves him. gaze is a candidate to take over the broncos but elway said he wants somebody with previous championship experience and it would seem to eliminate gase. see if the niners go in that direction exploratorium noeing known for doing stuff that's kind of crazy outside the box and this is an example of such. 31-year-old tim durbin joining 12 others attempting to run 7 marathon marathons in 7 days on 7 continent in the world marathon challenge. mike has
9:56 pm
more. >> logistic for tim and big adventure are a nightmare. he starts in antarctica on january sfaechbility on to chile followed by miami, madrid, chile followed by miami, madrid, more alaska 0did you buy and end up in sydney. sin saint. >> that's normally the first question that all my friends ask me as well. telling me as well is why are you doing this. >> tim has his reasons. >> i just saw it as another mental physical challenge that i could take on and proof that average person like me can actually do what a lot of people think is impossible. >> at least this insanity is for good kaichlts i'm raising money specifically for the v foundation for cancer research. >> enjoy your life precious moments you have. >> follow along the 7 marathon 7 days open 7 continent i try to raise 777,000 dollars for the foundation. >>reporter: first official mile an hour thop 2 years ago in antarctica and training for the past 8 most. biggest concerns are the jet lag, concerns are the jet lag, sleep deprivation and eating most of his meals on the air plane. >> so it will be quite a
9:57 pm
challenge. basically land airport go and run back to the airport on a plane and doing it all over again for 7 straight days. >>reporter: his waive tracy is a tri-athlete and biggest supporter. >> she meets me in sydney. >> the last one. she will be sitting at resort for the week that i am actually running it. >> tim the only american running in the event and funding his own trip. looks forward to getting to know fellow marathoner in the 168 hours spent together. they have eight hours in each continuement to complete each marathon and tim is determined to finish all 7. >> fact i'm raising money for cancer research will definitely elevate the sense of personal accomplishment for myself as well in. san francisco, mike, myself as well in. san francisco, mike, abc 7 sports. >> wow! whatever he eats i want some. because he's amazing. 7 sports brought to you by toyota. you brought up a great point. how do you feel after marathon 5. >> slipping on planes. >> only 2 more to go. >> jet lag. >> in the bag.
9:58 pm
>> thanks. >> good for him. >> thanks for joining us. >> for all of us here, we apapiate your time. >> and 7 news continues now on line on twitter face back all the mobile device with the abc 7 news app. >> join us again in an hour on the big 7
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